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Liv Ullmann, star of many Ingmar Bergman films, is now directing, and she took time out to speak with me about her new film, "Miss Julie," which opened the 50th Annual Chicago Film Festival.
Bergman's films are experiences in and of themselves. Bergman was quite adept at genre switching, and dabbled in comedy, mystery, Greek chorus-like interplays, morality tales, as well as existentialism, and philosophical musings. He was most skilled, however, in the art of drama. His ...
Bergman segued a bit out of the realm of existentialism, as he was wont to do in the 1950's, into a more grounded drama in the 1960's and 70's. "The Passion of Anna" illustrates this shift into films more about relationships, especially those between male and female. This period in hi...
Ingmar Bergman was clearly a deep thinker, a humanist, a believer in art and its effect on an audience. With "Shame" he poses a fictional, hypothetical war, places two characters in the midst of it, and shows the dehumanizing influences war imparts on them. His love of Strindberg is r...
Ingmar Bergman, who has been discussed ad infinitum, was a major influence on Scandinavian as well as world cinema. His films are extremely personal, reflective, and monumentally pensive. To say a Bergman film is "thought-provoking" is an understatement.
Watching a Bergman film is an experience both cathartic and often enlightening. His ability to put real situations and real people on-screen in a most natural way is unparalleled. Once again, here is an example of a film which leaves one profoundly effected.
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