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To live to die..This is a true fact of decades passed.Life has peculiar paths
There is ecstasy in our scientific progress but also the agony from those bent upon torpedoing the common boat of humanity and creation. The majority has to speak out in no uncertain terms to defend our turf and my posts mostly highlight the dangers of our tacit acceptance of few sett...
The very basic for coexistence - live and let live - proves a mirage. Rather than find real meaning and purpose through mutual cooperation, we end-up fighting over trivial issues that allow hate to trump over peace.
Most of the ills assailing us are of our own making. The change has to come from within us to make an impact. If we want to live in peace, we have to allow reason to triumph over raw emotions, a primeval instinct, that has to be controlled than allowed to run riot like we are often wi...
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. A change in attitude is difficult but not impossible. Not all days can be sunny and bright. Some days bring drenching rain that leave little to do but wait it out for this too will end, and after the rain there may even be a rainbow.
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