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"She did what? He said, oh my! Such a shame!" Gossip mongers have a field day--as those who want reconciliation--to feel close to those loved ones passed risk airing out dirty laundry in their search for some way of dealing with grief. Remember them as they were, or find out who they ...
Living in The marital concept of life in a modern changing world.Just a thought
6 A.M. You get up out of bed in a flurry and your day started five minutes ago. Immediately, you note with dread your appointments for the day -- some unsavoury people to deal with; relationships to manage. More of the same and you feel you're getting nowhere fast.
You will in some way want to be remembered by the ones you leave behind living with the thoughts and memories of the life they shared with you. There is two basic funeral services offered today in the United States and those are a burial or cremation.
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