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This is all about a game that I love so much in general
I write short funny stories that are unlike anything you have ever read.
The Canadian Reformed Tom Crist earned $ 40 million ( approximately EUR 28 million ) on the lottery of the city of Calgary . Tom did not want to stay with the award because "it does not need more money" and will donate it to charity .
LOL, ROFL, and other initialisms are being used by the youngsters in daily communication.
Kids really do say the darnedest things and with 5 children I have been embarrassed by their mouths many times... Im only posting a few here. enjoy
LOL Leona Build is a brand new game from Mobafire.
This story is about an indian student , read on to know more :)
Just a funny story about two villagers giving a tribute to their king ......
This is a funny story about three guys who unfortunately meet the same doctor .
Internet slangs are extremely common in the 21st century; say; lol, brb. I am assuming you have probably heard the majority of the 15 slangs on the list. Although in addition I have explained where they originated from and jam-packed them with many...
The Love story of the elephant and the ant seems to be serious.Well this is a joke about this unusual happening. I hope this will make everyone laugh as I know this is a lovely joke. Find the humor in this love story.
Have we not gained enough leisure time through the use of our technology, to communicate with each other more expressively?
The rise and fall of Coppercab, the tales of this unfortunate youth.
A story about a guy named Bob who decides to get himself arrested.
This article is a list of acronyms that i made up just for fun. It's making fun of how ridiculous it is that we use acronyms so frequently.
Here is a letter I wrote to someone.. reading which would drive you crazy laughing
The story of how I almost died by overdosing on milkshake! Sounds too stupid to be true, I know, but it is.
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