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Boat parties are trendy today for a variety of reasons. They are an excellent way to have fun with everybody. You can rent out a boat and organised a large theme party to impress your guests.
Choosing a web hosting company is often something that most people don’t think about, but can be crucial to the operation of your website. Thus, this can directly affect the business and publicity your company receives, tying directly to the number of customers you can reach.
When a thick fog engulfed London from December 5 to December 9, 1952, it mixed with black smoke emitted from homes and factories to create a deadly smog. This smog killed approximately 12,000 people and shocked the world into starting the environmental movement.
A little tour of Londons art and architecture that I went on to discover the not so well known attractions on the streets of the city.
While there have been Apocalypses throughout the tenure of Hellion recorded history, each Apocalypse came at the equinox of an age. Along with this equinox came a major offer of evacuation from those best able to help the citizens of this earth, Angorius. But how many “KNOW” what...
For the first half of the 19th century, after the defeat of Napoleon, the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain had seen Britain emerge as a world leader in industry. The advances made during the Industrial Revolution had ushered in an era of relative economic dominance for Britain a...
London is the capital city of England, and the United Kingdom. The city has some great places to visit. Here are a few of the best places to visit in London, England.
England is the largest country in the United Kingdom, so England has a few famous cities. In both the north and south of England there are famous cities. These are a few of England's most famous cities.
I first published this touching story of an England-based Iranian's 40 years search for his long lost love in December 2010. It seems that little has changed for him since then.
London is a cool city, there’s no disputing that. It’s the city that gave the world liberal democracy and punk rock. It’s a city like no other, where the arts and culture entwine with everyday life. It’s why over 15 million people visit every year.
London it's one of the most beutiful cities in the world, at least to me! Find the reason to visit the royal city!
I didn´t write 100 things about me, but I guess I could. Here are few of them for anyone amusement or this is what I intended.
There has been a black ribbon for the victims of March 11th 2004. It'll most probably be one for those in London, but nobody remembers the ones in Irak or Syria.
My great-granddad was not at Auschwitz when he was in the army during the second world war, but he did liberate Jews from other concentration camps. Every time an anniversary comes around I'm reminded of the story of him and his friends in the army all breaking down, giving the Jews t...
The story of a new London bobby who solves a murder in record time.
There is a saying the goes "If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there." I was there and I know what they mean.
When the British Prime Minister receives the German Chancellor, this Wednesday, he will once again try to explore common interests in European politics. Cameron needs Merkel, but he cannot count on them.
The Chancellor in London rejected reports that the Chancellery a Greek exit from the euro zone was preparing. In another topic, it remains vague.
A hello to the community, and a short journey through childhood,
In the 1940's old houses stood in terraced rows. After the war they were left to rot and fall down as new estates were built outside of the big cities. The other casualties were the people, once the poor and the 'well off' lived reasonably close to each other in country towns and vill...
It is a satirical article for those who can understand satire.Irony would be definitely there. Read understand and recreate.
I return from my time travels and learn that my sons have new plans.
I return to Newfoundland and find that there are many changes in the lives of my sons.
My dreams and hopes of at least owining my own home have remained just dreams over 10 years, it seems they older I get, the further that possibilty is slipping away. I do not know if I should give up or continue to keep it on my bucket list.
We ought to change our lifestyle rather than marching on a handful of cities, claiming against climate change.
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