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I speak of loneliness, its effects, and how we can best combat it.
Lonely Girl This poem was inspired by a poet who claims her child is not her own
Lonely long walk....The last walk we all have to take alone we can maximum walk upto the cemetery or graveyard or the incinerator..
An intellectual ...not immature... nor decayed but all alone... amidst folks... lonely yes feelings of stifle
At times, the only comfort in loneliness is to express the grief and desire for a flight of the soul.
We all are a lonely lot in search of a comforting shoulder I bequeath mine
Few folks think of me sex obsessed .......Some variation hopefully your minds will be washed off the aberration...Yet the cat will spat
This article gives companion to the persons whoever feeling loneliness
When we feel alone it is comforting to understand that really we are never truly alone.
My new article is about Thoughts. What actually are thoughts. How do they shape our present and destiny and ultimately makes us what we are.? I hope you like it. Thankyou.
This article I explain a unknown feeling I got the other night. And is still a mystery to me.
This I had written when my bonding with one of my friends was almost in the verge of losing!
Cast away on a desolate island, passionate, yearning thoughts of his only love...
This poem was written during some of my darker days, It asks the question of depression and loneliness, and describes my dark feelings, and frustration of not having the answers, but wanting so desperately to be healthy on one hand, but at the same time, finding comfort in retreating ...
Hurt consumes the mind and soul, but sometimes it is better to feel the pain than feel nothing at all. Forever more forever more, consumes the bodies fall. The painting shows pain and struggle and chaos in all its purity, like words images and colors can give you emotions, with just ...
To love is to let go, and yet the heart never learns this task. Suffering seems to be the only answer but in reality it is not the suffering but the loss of a lover’s touch that makes the heart ponder through the realms lost in a directionless chaos.
When In Loneliness Think Of Me.In the loneliness solitude of time,just think of me, as afriend of thine
Love poem about someone being there for you. Walking with you through life.
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