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Sometimes it's hard to explain to the people you love the contrast in emotions felt during depression. Nothing about depression makes sense. It becomes hard to distinguish which is the real you, the sad person who holds it all inside until people leave, or the happy person who laug...
There is a point when memory is stronger than reality
I speak of loneliness, its effects, and how we can best combat it.
No married woman should forget her past friends, because after being separated from her husband, she will feel way too lonely.
Lonely Girl This poem was inspired by a poet who claims her child is not her own
Believe it or not, my dear, I do understand how does it feels to be so lonely.
No, darling, you are not alone. Somebody, out there, understands you.
I often want to cry. That is the only advantage women have over men — at least they can cry. ~Jean Rhys
Loneliness has rake many people and create an unhappy tendency within individual, it is not suppose to be this way, this imbalance need to be corrected in your life, come along let's reason together in this article.
Have you ever felt completely alone, while being in a room full of people? If so you are not alone, it happens to a lot of us and the feeling can be beaten.
Points to take into consideration if we are to live happily with someone else.
Though the world is getting more crowded going by population numbers, many are leading lonely lives not of their choice. They are left on the wayside as lifestyle is gathering speed in terms of technology resulting in lack of time for the basics that bonded our society.
This poem tells about the longing and the remembering of the past love concealed by the works of nature as man by nature is vulnerable.Love always plays in mysterious ways.
I was reading this article about Mother Theresa, and it brought to surface many complex thoughts. Has anybody done any study about improvement in the way children treat parents before and after the lady?
This is a poem about being in a time of need and missing an old friend!
“Well, where are my files! Who’s taken them?” A young man who was new at the office appeared and replied, “I borrowed them Mr Gray, sorry.”
The opening poem here tries to show that pain and love are related. They do not sit too distanced apart unless you place them in that way. We then look more philosophically at this connection . Finally, I try to link pain and love together, and when this is done properly, as I asser...
Thoughts on reality and dreams, self-sustaining inner sunshine burning.
Far from reality lives the shadow of the past, in the shadows lays no rest. Even in sleep memories and lost continues to torment.
Lonely long walk....The last walk we all have to take alone we can maximum walk upto the cemetery or graveyard or the incinerator..
never remember the night I count you as a shine star.
There are some of us who travel through outer realms to help others in many different is our commitment and our joy to do...some won't believe but it still goes on....
As we all get older our long ago friends get fewer and fewer until they're all gone. Many think the older generation are nostalgic and live in the past. I think that these people live in the past as they feel they have no value in today's society. Spending time alone for days with nob...
I was never everything For someone A half-hearted And awkward expectation
When the kids are grown, with lives of their own, and the workaholic spouse is gone, do you find yourself wondering if it's all right for you to go out alone for dinner and a movie? Times have changed, making it permissible for a spouse to enjoy a night out alone.
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