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When the years of joy and pleasures have diminished, poor health begins to follow us into the elderly homes
Lonely Girl This poem was inspired by a poet who claims her child is not her own
I am sure each and every one of us can come up with a tale or two about some strange dates we may have had or have heard that our family members or friends have had. I would like to share a few of mine with you.
This is another story about my childhood found in my book, Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey
I think sometimes it is nice to write something short, and sometimes the feeling there, in those short little lines can be bigger than the page it is written on.
She was more than just one of those plastic girls; she had a heart desring to be loved for someone
Lonely long walk....The last walk we all have to take alone we can maximum walk upto the cemetery or graveyard or the incinerator..
never remember the night I count you as a shine star.
Don't stay lonely//Its a western worlds women's dilemma whether or not to stay alone Men love spices so depend more on friends
this is a poem that i hope someone can read this even if were heaven and earth apart...
Hurt, and expressing those feelings is one of the hardest, and truest things one can do...
It’s tribute for my emptiness… When I feel so much empty, pen and paper could be my best friend to paint my emotion
Everyone has an inbred need to love and to be loved. There are many lonely people in this big old world that have no one to come home to; no one to hold, share with and These big, wonderful and aimless hearts inside of these lonely people simply wander without a pla...
An intellectual ...not immature... nor decayed but all alone... amidst folks... lonely yes feelings of stifle
At times, the only comfort in loneliness is to express the grief and desire for a flight of the soul.
What happens in a family when domestic violence is a way of life?
This article gives a insight into how we convince ourselves about love being forever, when the inevitable is there will be a separation, be it via death or disagreement.
Can you really fall of your family tree some where along the way in life or can your famliy tree just go bare?
We all are a lonely lot in search of a comforting shoulder I bequeath mine
When u r alone the whole world seems empty and the feeling of waiting for someone makes it worse.U keep waiting but the waiting seems to last forever and ever............
Few folks think of me sex obsessed .......Some variation hopefully your minds will be washed off the aberration...Yet the cat will spat
This heart felt lonely without breathing your love,, Life is lonely without a smile from you self inisenyap soulless love you,, my dark room without stepping tuk direction
the losing of someone in our life, which broke our hearts and the feeling of knowing that they won't be coming back in our life anymore..the morning after that i can't describe
To hell with it. You just had to do it your way! No one did you care about you had to have your own way. You did not think about all those you have at home You left them as well Just because you had to roam.
This is a poem about loneliness part 1. Of a series.
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