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Lonely long walk....The last walk we all have to take alone we can maximum walk upto the cemetery or graveyard or the incinerator..
It was just about the right time for Mr Gray to leave home and move on to his office. By nature, he was a very rude man who allowed nobody to come in his way.
We all are a lonely lot in search of a comforting shoulder I bequeath mine
Few folks think of me sex obsessed .......Some variation hopefully your minds will be washed off the aberration...Yet the cat will spat
A blind man is led to different places of beauty but he cannot see. He can only feel and touch.
This is something we can all do that is absolutely free , and it can make all the difference to the one who smiles , and the one who receives a smile ..So why not try it !
This is a poem about loneliness part 1. Of a series.
This is a poem about love and loss, I write my poetry in a lyrical fashion in the hope of being made into a song....
Cast away on a desolate island, passionate, yearning thoughts of his only love...
A poem of true love and the perfect epitome of til death do us part.
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