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Sometimes it's hard to explain to the people you love the contrast in emotions felt during depression. Nothing about depression makes sense. It becomes hard to distinguish which is the real you, the sad person who holds it all inside until people leave, or the happy person who laug...
I speak of loneliness, its effects, and how we can best combat it.
Ann knew that one day Billy would leave home, but now the time had come and she wasn't sure she could cope with it. Read on to find out more.
Christmas will soon be here,and here are my thoughts about it. Read on to find out more.
This poem shares the agony of time the heart encounters due to many reasons. It relates extreme sadness and pain that no matter how intense the feeling is hope is still the very powerful instrument to outsmart the blues of life ...time heals the broken heart.
What happens when the only person you trust betrays you?
Be careful what you eat on your birthday. You might not realize what kind of an effect it has on your loved ones.
Lonely Girl This poem was inspired by a poet who claims her child is not her own
Believe it or not, my dear, I do understand how does it feels to be so lonely.
No, darling, you are not alone. Somebody, out there, understands you.
The love between a boy and the house in which he grew up lasts a lifetime.
In our world of conformists, only a majority view counts. Here, the basic question arises how a majority, without any experience in loneliness, is given a right to publicise its opinion on loneliness. It is just because they form the majority. Nevertheless, the majority view on loneli...
I am sure each and every one of us can come up with a tale or two about some strange dates we may have had or have heard that our family members or friends have had. I would like to share a few of mine with you.
“Well, where are my files! Who’s taken them?” A young man who was new at the office appeared and replied, “I borrowed them Mr Gray, sorry.”
Doris doesn't really celebrate Easter, one day is like another to her. Read on to find out more.
The feeling of being boxed in when one can still make a contribution
How Loneliness makes u feel all the time and It sucks
I am lonely and scared about some one feeling lonely and scared
This is another story about my childhood found in my book, Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey
He was hiding behind a mask of toughness, just to disguise a soul hurt by the pain of a bitter past.
She was more than just one of those plastic girls; she had a heart desring to be loved for someone
Lonely long walk....The last walk we all have to take alone we can maximum walk upto the cemetery or graveyard or the incinerator..
This is that hallow place in our loneliness where memories come calling and we go tumbling into dreams of our own.
This short story tells about man's action that leads him to so much distress, shame,loneliness and regret.The love he feels first time in his life will never triumph.It also shares a moral lesson never to play love.
They keep us company when we're lonely We all love our pets, they keep us company when we're lonely and make up part of our families, and that's why there's nothing more heartbreaking when than when your pet is ill or comes down with a case of the flu.
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