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About fifteen years ago, I met yet another chick to talk to online. Those were the days the internet was still new and exciting, and ordinary, decent folks were to be found in certain chat rooms, whereas today you only get perverts and predators wanting things not for general convers...
Weekdays seemed to feel twice as long since we started dating. "I miss you" texts became as regular as clockwork. And then, something magical happened. My boyfriend bought Guild Wars 2, one of my favourite MMO's.
Writing about the agony of having a long distance relationship
This is a poem written years ago by a loved one worth sharing
This entry talks about the pains of long distance relationships
This was a letter written for a lover, talks about the pains and hopes of entering a long distance relationship
I dedicated this poem to my dearest husband! =) I love you so much, lovslovs!
Long distance romantic relationships are really hard to relieve ,a disbelief within its beginning.All of it concerns on the eagerness or determination the two lovers have for creating their romantic relationship deliver the results.
How I met my boyfriend online, and what it's like having a long distance reltaionship
This is a poem requesting the public at large to compose smaller poems as no one reads long ones now a days so much time none have not even jobless like me.
Men and women discover that they are in a new relation thanks to the internet. They feel that they are in love although they have never chanced to meet. This is a short article to find what happens when the fortunate two develop, one day, what is now called long distance relationship.
In this article, I have written this article for those who have honestly taken their relationship more seriously and got married to their loved one. However, problems do arise in relationship which can slowly drift couples apart. This is why my article will bring you useful tips on ho...
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