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This article shares practical ways to maintain good health.It also shares some risks if do not pay attention to our physical condition.
This article shares facts of life. Since we are humans, we cannot avoid to commit mistakes, but we have the brain to control our desires that do not conform with the standard, so we better decide before we do.
Mistranslations of ancient Hebrew can lead to some misunderstandings.
The passionate desire foods that are bitter, sour, saline, over- hot pungent, dry and burning. These produce sickness, pain and grief.
In case one follows a strict life as recommended by the ancients one can easily live up to teh age of 120 or beyond
these are the tips to follow in the life to extend the life span of person, limited food, limited things
What is the "Normal" life expectancy? You’ll be surprised to find out …
The overall health of any individual is considered more vital these days. Included within this is sexual health which is one element of a life that is balanced and can impact our happiness and well being.
By maintaining good relations with family,friends and society, you can improve your health, your life span also will increase 3 to 7 years
Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is the key to a long, enjoyable and quality life. Living by these daily habits will assure you a healthy and fit body, mind and soul.
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