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My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
this page talks of how one can manage a long distance relationship, it shows how we need a lot of dedication to make things work.
in my childhood, there was a blue sky that dreamed me. I can remember when i was just teen it grew dark and i lost my blue sky. so no dream is here so no hope is here in my life now. it was as a kite floats on the sky when dream began, so i wish to reset my sky again and my blue sky w...
Advertisements and commercials are everywhere. There needs to be a change of how they are presented. Nobody seems to be paying any attention.
I've been using your WIFE . I used it double than u ordinarily use it...... I used it day and night ....!
how to live long life when there is junk food and more of bad things
This is a product to review, its how to make your hair curly with nice fame spray
A short, silly poem about a mouse that was found under the floor, and was found running along a pipe.
I love to write about - love - peace - beauty - harmony and blessings .........but not today is different .....
The truth is about love and trust. Being in love and things you feel. How to love. A love story about two people so in love. They want to always be there for one another.
Project is a schedule of activities in which resources are allocated at present for getting certain benefits in the future. It is planned investment efforts to bring into physical existence facilities within stipulated time and cost, to produce over a long period, goods and services t...
We were established with good principles, but have now gotten off course and ventured far afield from what our Founding Fathers wanted. We must get back on the right path started so long ago!
This post is all about how my long hair was cut short by my own hands!
A poem about having a dream, how it keeps you going through life and why everyone should have one.
A poem about being lost in the woods at night, how creepy it is and how with more luck you could be at home.
Children easily get bored while a long journey. If you don't want to see them feeling bored, read my tips that might help you kick out their boredom when traveling to somewhere long.
It’s a totally useless effort specially if you have a shorter time frame of fulfilling that dream. It’s going to take you a long, long, long, long, long, long time before you get that phone call from the US Embassy here in Manila.
Short update on my current life and getting back to writing again.
Some women would love to try the short hairstyle but are unsure of which cut is best for them. This article gives some useful tips on choosing the right short style for your unique facial shape
Recipe for a knockout long island ice tea cocktail.
Headaches are bothersome, here's another option rather than taking pills.
This is about why Dachshunds are the best dogs in the world. I hope you enjoy!
This article talks about the different hairstyles for kids during summers, winters and other seasons. Mothers need not crack their brains in choosing hairstyle for kids.
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