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short poem about angels eyes in the heavens,that down at us 24/7.. look up on a dark night and think !
This is more of a short story of a girl that is trapped in a dream kinda. She is confused about things.
1.I This is just the difference 2.Looking Where would I be
This poem in persembah lover and the right to have your hands gently caress lovingly. thank you for the love that has been given to me. I hope you are always protected mighty host, ........
This poem relates about the natural function of a bee to let flowers pollinate and bloom. All living things on earth function accordingly.
So many people seek revenge for what often are illusionary slights. They search not realizing it is their own life they are harming. Some beautiful music here and a video of eyes ...all sorts to enjoy....
i keep looking you girl. whatever would be the choice of my luck. but i keep living in your eyes.
Surprised to see her alone and sad the elders gathered around er. On hearning of her Gowrappa’s illness, they tried their best to make her feel better. They cracked jokes, sang songs, showed pictures, told interesting and then prayed for her grandfather’s recovery.
this one is for all those people out there that think the world is just a place of numbers; when in fact it is a place of people who live, love and work everyday just to get by. this one is for all those who are looking for answers.
What kind of crazy stuff will people do to gain the limelight in every second of their life....
It really is amusing to think that someone can love us just the way we want to be loved...only one person can do that and that is your self. But you will keep on trying to find him or her...silly you be!
Now that I am retired I find sometimes that when I awake in the mornings I seem to look back on my life and remember all sorts of experiences. Just had to put some of them down on paper. Some will appreciate I hope.
So often I should be reaching out with love to others , and I fail , but God never fails to look out for me , or you , my friend .
We can stand outside the door , and never enter in to the best that is being offered , so I encourage you , step inside !
10 easy ways to look and feel great Feeling good about yourself and looking your best doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. Here are some reminders of small things that make a big different.
The server Calxeda company has demonstrated a machine with only ARM processors. The machine runs the operating system Ubuntu 12.04, Precise Pagolin. It runs the standard LAMP stack, node.js and Ruby On Rails.
Inspired by the photo of the same name by Michaela.
These are two poems of my heart...I am loving this new type :) of sharing!
For Christians swearing an oath, the logic is not biblical, because they are supposed to tell the truth at all times, to God and society's encumbrance, that the evidence they are about to give will entailed the complete truth.
Another poem title inspired by a friend's facebook status and on a love that is within my heart.
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