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I LAY PROSTRATE...Whenever you tell me I am Author of the day I ask myself Me who!!!!! ...Loverme or you..both are true...
My Lord...I don't seek for others to speak......have faith or not ..what is it to me I never invade in one's privacy..So you can safely read me Commenti f you please I will return the favour and know you also
O My Lordz......My sine curve is again soaring... Higher point was over 861 can also soar like me from today
O LORD .Despite the only one spewing venom since years ten ,unknowingly... pardon may you such ones. I am happy so many on Wiki s still read me not with-stab-ding...
Mi Lord and I Let all abandon Wikis but MI LORD AND I WILL stay as longe as we live hopefully
You may feel tired and washout but take heart good friend there is someone you can turn to in your desperate hour. Turn to the LORD your God and trust in Him to strengthen you and help you.
As liberator, lawgiver, and leader of a people named Israel which was transformed by him from an unorganized horde into a nation, he occupies a more important place in popular legend than the Patriarchs and all the other national heroes. Moses indeed was a great man of God.
There are times when we need help and we don't always remember that our help comes from the Lord. This article would remind you of who to look to when you are in need of help. Lift your eyes to the Lord.
In my humble assessment I have found shivaramakrishnan the most impartial and intellectual human element amongst most of us here. Hence this small piece less than 500 but since wiki will not excuse me I;ll add on
As a Christian , the only way I can touch the lives of my loved ones and friends is to pray for them ... this poem speaks of just that ..
A poem I wrote to elevate the name of the Lord. He is to be praised for His goodness and kindness to mankind.
The world may be set-up for couples, but I still have faith in the power of three. Three pieces of candy is greater than two.
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