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I LAY PROSTRATE...Whenever you tell me I am Author of the day I ask myself Me who!!!!! ...Loverme or you..both are true...
WIKI’S LORDZ There Mi lord is always a rise and fall in all walks of life be it ‘’Actorial ‘’ or read on as you accept it also..add on
My Lord...I don't seek for others to speak......have faith or not ..what is it to me I never invade in one's privacy..So you can safely read me Commenti f you please I will return the favour and know you also
O LORD .Despite the only one spewing venom since years ten ,unknowingly... pardon may you such ones. I am happy so many on Wiki s still read me not with-stab-ding...
Obituary for actor and musician Sir Christopher Lee who has died after a long acting career.
Lord Sivaramakrishnan A.He needs no introduction as each ones page has ink flowing imparting only wisdom I have gained from him so I thought of sharing with all his magnetism
Though I loved Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, there were a few things that I think should have remained faithful to the books.
History records or at least has been changed so that man ruleth and woman is a necessary evil. However history has been changed so that man can assume total power. Women not only have the matriachal right but only with them can man have power.
Lord Rings..A wonderful nude meditation experience by the sexiest Wiki-sexer
In my humble assessment I have found shivaramakrishnan the most impartial and intellectual human element amongst most of us here. Hence this small piece less than 500 but since wiki will not excuse me I;ll add on
The Lord of the Rings is an amazing epic. It shows how friendship is so important when we as did Frodo and Sam go on the journeys of our life. JRR Tolkien grew up in mid=England just as I did and the beauty of the shire can be seen in Warwickshire. Enjoy this....
Journeying the Bilbo Baggins way through Bath, its history, the people who inhabited this ancient city, the Roman Baths and more...
A quick look into my feelings as to why I, and possibly other gamers, have become disenchanted with the MMORPG genre and the nature of this complex beast.
On Christmas Eve 2011 I set up bowls of popcorn, chips and dips and set up the coffee machine to last for the day. I took out the ready meals to defrost (for faster microwaving later) and then let myself drop into the sofa with my lovely man and he pressed the play button on the DVD p...
A review of New lines films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy
This is just a blog of my opinions about Orlando Bloom! I think he is great!
Many movies have been released in the recent years and while many are marvellous, but I have picked out three that are favourable to me.
As I had mentioned in a few of my previous pages, I just love horror stories. This article illustrates on how I began to like it.
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