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I LAY PROSTRATE...Whenever you tell me I am Author of the day I ask myself Me who!!!!! ...Loverme or you..both are true...
WIKI’S LORDZ There Mi lord is always a rise and fall in all walks of life be it ‘’Actorial ‘’ or read on as you accept it also..add on
My Lord...I don't seek for others to speak......have faith or not ..what is it to me I never invade in one's privacy..So you can safely read me Commenti f you please I will return the favour and know you also
O My Lordz......My sine curve is again soaring... Higher point was over 861 can also soar like me from today
This piece of art... is not self praise but a submission to all a BOW ..who have made ''LOVER ME'' RENOWNED Thanks to all... even to those who still try to condemn.. Feel sorry for em... just a minuscule non entity. .By now everyone knows it..Thus all still read LOVERME
O LORD .Despite the only one spewing venom since years ten ,unknowingly... pardon may you such ones. I am happy so many on Wiki s still read me not with-stab-ding...
Mi Lord and I Let all abandon Wikis but MI LORD AND I WILL stay as longe as we live hopefully
In every life adversity is encountered at some point in time. It is important to have a high tolerance for ambiguity or lack of clarity. Sometimes we follow instructions that we thought were given but learn much later ~ after the adversity ~ that the exact opposite was true.
It is crucial to trust the Creator of the universe and ~ to realize as well as acknowledge ~ that He really does have wonderful plans for our lives. Taking it a step further we must be willing to cooperate with His plans.
Ah, religion... controversial as hell. No pun intended. Now that the world is properly confused about these matters, should we still be spreading religion? These days I don't know what direction religion should go, if any direction. It seems it's tearing people apart, polarizing t...
This article will be about why people don't always believe in Christianity. (TAKE NOTE THAT I AM CHRISTIAN)
Whilst travelling on the train, the countryside can look really beautiful. I often ask, why is it when travelling through towns the onslaught of grubby residencies spoil the scenery...?
In the half-century that I have been around I have come to the conclusion that it is imperative for me to live a Godly life. I want to please my Lord and Savior and I want to be gracious as I grow older. As I have been thinking about what it takes to get to living such a live I want...
Tirumala is a holy place. Some people reach by the vehicles and some others came by walk. God pray the faithfully.
You may feel tired and washout but take heart good friend there is someone you can turn to in your desperate hour. Turn to the LORD your God and trust in Him to strengthen you and help you.
This is a poem to say thank you to the almighty Lord for giving us all that we need and much, much more.
This poem tell everyone that true love really exist for everyone, we might not for found it in our first love yet true love is waiting for us to find it. GOD made us with a partner in life .
Tirupati is one of the richest temple towns of India lies in the extreme south of the state. It has picturesque surroundings and the temple itself is a fine example of Dravidian art.
I have watched the grand epic that JRR Tolkien shared with us and Peter Jackson made into a marvellous film many times and each time it takes me on a magical journey through so many dimensions of mind and feelings, love, joy, sadness, upliftment...and more...enjoy this if you will
Louie Giglio, the pastor of Passion City Church and the founder of the Passion Movement, wrote, “To us, waiting is wasting. To God, waiting is working.” For far too many years I felt that sitting quietly, doing nothing, was wasting time, I had to be doing “something” at all ti...
Lord Rings..A wonderful nude meditation experience by the sexiest Wiki-sexer
This is a poem about some of the realities of death. Death is something that does not have to be feared. Perhaps if we learn how to accept it, we'll be in a better position to properly prepare for it.
To remind y'all that every day and night, the ones who believe and the ones who fight, there's a place in your heart and in every soul it resides, supports you with the will and a holy peace it ignites.
From Robert Brewer's prompt to write a poem about a challenging situation. This is to be a source of encouragement and also a reminder of a believer's commission from our to our Lord.
From Robert Brewer's prompt to write a sinister poem.
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