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I LAY PROSTRATE...Whenever you tell me I am Author of the day I ask myself Me who!!!!! ...Loverme or you..both are true...
WIKI’S LORDZ There Mi lord is always a rise and fall in all walks of life be it ‘’Actorial ‘’ or read on as you accept it also..add on
O LORD .Despite the only one spewing venom since years ten ,unknowingly... pardon may you such ones. I am happy so many on Wiki s still read me not with-stab-ding...
Mi Lord and I Let all abandon Wikis but MI LORD AND I WILL stay as longe as we live hopefully
Words gain their real meaning by being attached to the word of God that has been placed within our hearts by him. These words alone, if kept only up in our minds, can never give us real truth, understanding, or wisdom. All of these things only ever come forth from God's love being a...
Lord Rings..A wonderful nude meditation experience by the sexiest Wiki-sexer
This Prayer is an adaptation of the Lord's Prayer into the language of A Course in Miracles,which is my Bible.
Jack Taylor sets the stage in the Forward to this book when he compares revival to having a fever followed by a chill.
Advent arrives every year announcing the birth of Lord Jesus. It is the preparation of Lord's Prayer. It annonces the arrival of "His Kingdom".
Another Advent of Christmas is around us announcing the messages of Lord’s Prayer. A season has come to connect us with the heavenly Father, to glorify His name, to bring His Kingdom and to fulfill the will of God on the earth.
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