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Be careful what you eat on your birthday. You might not realize what kind of an effect it has on your loved ones.
Alone but not lonely is what we are. People have a misconception of those who prefer being alone as opposed to being a social butterfly.
Would you run if you din't know what you were running for? Sounds bananas doesn't it? Then why do most of us not only do that ourselves but also program our kids to do the same???
Loss is hard to bear. This can create a fear, which can force us to change for good or bad.
It's the season of Love and Valentine is here. I have been thinking of a Love Poem. But the inspiration was not forth coming. But when I read Songs of Solomon (the Love Poem) of the Bible, I got some Love anointing there and within some minutes, I was able to compose something worth r...
Who has ever had a broken heart? Sure time heals it some but the pain lingers. For me, it helps to write out all my feelings and leave my pain on the page. Here we go.
Oh well he has done it again, will he never learn? This Loser is going to be reborn and warned. His wife sat neatly posed; in Joe’s big leather chair...
No one likes to be a loser. Losing discourages and sometimes angers us. It’s never easy to be a good loser. But anytime there’s a competition, someone wins and someone loses.
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