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When consumed in passion we are blind to reality. We give into the fire burning deep inside and make mistakes. At times we aren't as strong as the love that is in front of us. We destroy rather than protect the one we care for when we lose ourselves.
We lose track of reality in of pursuit ideologies. It is still unclear what drives our mental state to choose stress over relaxation. Through our blatant pursuit to live in a virtual world we have failed to connect with our inner desires.
I think we never grow tired of letting people in. It's just awful to realize that some of them won't stay. It could either be that they have some huge issues, or that you're just really bad at keeping them. And I believe I fall on the latter part. Well. Enough with my issues and let's...
This is a poem I wrote on my Grandads Birthday. He passed away after a extremely tough battle with cancer. He was more than a grandparent, he was a friend. The person who gave me strength even when he became week.
Life can be cruel but we always have a choice in the steps we take. We can't justify tormenting ourselves just because we feel that we have the right too. We must try to move forward.
We love we forget but do we ever heal! However a betrayal does sting and when it stings it leaves a mark.
Sadness hurts. It's a hard time. Fundamentally, it's a good thing. No, I'm not crazy nor have I fallen off my rocker.
Indulging in memories of special times or people who've touched our hearts can be both painful, and rapturous. It can be all consuming, but ultimately we must strive to forfeit those feelings, to move past them or convert that pain into something that can heal.
One day I get an email from Merril, the lady who organizes that Farmers Market where Mother and I saw no potential customers whatsoever when we went to check it out on Saturday. The email is a follow-up to our initial application to exhibit and sell our items at their market.
At breakfast, Mother's phone rings. It's Lucy, one of Lassie's daughters. Mother had notified her before to come so that we can hand her a little something. The little something is an envelope with a card and a thousand rands to help with the funeral costs.
Just because somebody is a decomposed, rotted away buried corpse, doesn't mean they shouldn't come visit you and say hi from time to time, just to catch up. It would be rude not to.
This poem describes how I feel about my youngest son and daughter moving so far away to Arizona! It brings me back to the pain of when my son and daughter were kidnapped by their abusive dad. I must step away from the past and look into my heart and soul for the new adventurous me!
Warning! This was written as a sort of "Catharsis" for me. It is very painful to read. Please, don't think less of me...
Losing a loved one in death is always painful. And sometimes the shock takes your breath away and you don't know what to say. But, the best way to cope, to move on and keep living is to remember the good times shared. Hold them close in your heart and no one can take them from you. C...
The young child Octavian whom changes his name to Ranulf becomes Supreme Pontiff of the Empire of Rome at Alexandria in the mid 2600’s. The Librarians who teach and tutor him, after twenty some years on the throne Ranulf starts to think back on his life. He reminisced about his mo...
Where i come from (Africa), men do not cry. Okay they hardly cry from a certain age, there is this unspoken and unsubstantiated belief that males from a certain age must always keep a strong face, crying, wailing, pain are regarded as female actions. A pity as everyone should be able...
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These are the first set of Poems I have written for my new adventure 'Polaroids of Life'.
Today there are many people who are trying to make a decent profit by stock market. Profits by trading in stock market is not at all easy, though there are some disciplined traders who are able to get very good profits here by trading as per plans without being much greedy. One can de...
This is a poem that shows you that anger brings loss to life, when that loss is really just another life experience within love. You only lose when you move away from love. Anger is often then created because of this loss of love. Are there any good things that can be said about ang...
I read a story of another teenager stabbed to death in the city of London, the boy who was doing his A levels and worked parttime, was stabbed at a party he attended on staurday night, accorrding to reports a fight broke out and he was stabbed by unknown people/person. Another sensel...
Yes Bugg is my dog for the most part but, he has so much love to give that there is plenty to go around for the whole family. Though with giving love, at times it is also means getting it taken away.
Far from reality lives the shadow of the past, in the shadows lays no rest. Even in sleep memories and lost continues to torment.
I lost my amazing dad twelve years to the day and this is just a short poem to show my loss
It has been 12 years since my dad passed away and this article is about him and how I felt his loss
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