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Up till now, i have been focusing on forces that pull couples apart in our modern world: the natural drift of intimate relationships, the consumer culture, children who own us, time that gets away from us, and family and friends who take sides. Here I want to talk about how to take ba...
Sadness hurts. It's a hard time. Fundamentally, it's a good thing. No, I'm not crazy nor have I fallen off my rocker.
Analyzing the real reason why the state owned telecom company BSNL has making losses, due to fake recruitment fraud, refusal to take action against corrupt officials
A look at how indian intelligence agencies and some companies will intentionally deny certain vital information to select individuals , customers to torture them, cause business losses.
This is a poem about the pain of losing something that is not really lost, but just placed away in a safe place, so safe that the actual place is now not remembered any more. A memory is doubly lost when it's lost in this way. Loss is only loss to the lost.
All about chasing your losses of money during the gambling experience.
A peaceful boycott is a powerful action against the abuse of electrical companies, provided it's done by a majority of people in one country.
Short poem rooted in sorrow which helped me close the book on a certain aspect of my life.
THe profit and loss and the balance sheet are two primary statements found in a set of financial accounts. This article explores the two statements and highlights the differences between them.
Another one i wrote i after i lost my family , they left they didnt die but it was just a hard thing to handle , knowing because your a failure they left you
Investment is for long-term wealth creation, speculation is a gamble to gain short-term profits
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