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This is a dream squence from a depressive mind wanting the release of death but not quite taking that step. It's a silent call for help tthat many don't hear.
This is about that story we hear on the news and we just cannot understand how it happens.
This article is about hope. It asks the question can all hope ever be all ever lost? This question is poetically examined here within a number of short poems, My short answer is though, that all hope cannot be ever all lost. As with love, and faith, we always retain a portion of hope...
Love can be compared to a falling leaf that once it falls to the ground it losts its value, and so with humans once love is gone,there is total destruction.
Words of comfort; Words may not come easy when we are feeling lost or sad. Looking for comfort can sometimes be difficult, but at times the comfort we so strongly seek may be found in simple things. Poetry is one of those simple things that can express and offer words of comfort.
Life may not always present you with a smooth path. Even in times of worry and change you can still find some comfort. Beyond fear there is peace of mind, that will set you free.
When you feel lost, where do you go? Is there a place for you? Or do you feel that you just float around, hoping that some day you may find your peace.
One of the most helpless, hardest, and most vulnerable days of life is when a loved one or a dear friend is standing at the gate that closes the end of their life. We begin to realize just how fragile we are. When the Physician calls the family together and speaks those dreaded words,...
A poem about losing someone that once meant everything to you and having to pretend that it doesn't get to you when the reality is it kills you.
The feelings of love, letting someone go and regretting it, not realising not what you had until it is gone.
She was shocked when the doctor told her that she was pregnant. Her aunt was so strict and she knew that she will asked her for abortion and she don't want to do it because it is against God. She don't know what to do? She wonder too much how it happened.
What does being lost at work with new work gadgets and love have in common in life?.
No more than a boy he leaves home for a new life. The people he leaves behind are cold and lost. He makes a good life but his past haunts him and returns as an observer, then happy he made the right choice a ghost of the past fades away.
to be betrayed my the one person you trusted most,is the worst feeling you can go through,will you ever trust again?...after reading this maybe never again.
Walking through a cemetery images appear and so do memories.
Many years ago a boy was banished from his community and he made some wrong turns. Here is a small part of that tale.
Some short Poetry taken form different times in my life. Some are uplifting, some are reflections and some were penned only to help me get past something.
This is a poem about being lost, alone, and avoided.
Not everybody has lost hope in us. Some of them still believe in us..
While an increasingly popular writing website, Wikinut has an equally popular downside. The poem expresses the sad lament of writers, old and new, over the loss (in terms of time and effort) more than the gain they hoped for and expected writing for its site.
There is no meaning in the way we lead our life right now. We are blindly running in circles. We live in a cosmetic city. There is a need to break free.
its about the other side of the so much favored "LOVE"!
There comes a moment in life when you loose battle of mind and still you are ok with it.....i.e ok with banes
Sometime life is a puzzle and the people in it are the puzzle pieces. Some fit and others you just dont know where they came from.
In love at times we fall and fall so hard that we are blinded. We are weak at that point and lies seem to pass us like a knife through butter.
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