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LocusPlay is a mobile lottery platform specially designed for the lottery operators, agents, and distributors to expand their business and provide enhanced, secure and dependable platform for customers to play lottery games.
Who does not want to be rich overnight?And the best way to achieve that is to win a lottery. With this idea in mind, I purchase lottery tickets regularly.I have always been optimistic and I am waiting for the day when fortune will actually smile on ...
Everyone wants to be billionaire, but only a blessed few like me know the secret to be one. Unfortunately, I learned it a bit too late in my life.
Due to the increasing number of lottery players, operators have expanded their lottery operations online. They want to provide increased platform to their clients.But most of the lotto operators are skeptical to engage with a lotto platform due to lack of trust and dependability. Ever...
Who doesnt enjoy playing lottery? Everyone does. In fact in UK approx 25-30 million people purchase lotto tickets every week. However, UK is also the country where maximum number of people suffer from lottery stress disorder. But, lottery games need not be a reason for your stress. Yo...
Many people miss out on claiming their winning lottery tickets because they are not aware that they have won. Many people even misplace their lottery tickets. But now, you don't have to worry anymore. You can play lottery from the comfort of your home. How? Read more.
This page reviews the benefits of playing the Lottery in a Syndicate - does the better chance of winning outweigh the downside of winning less money in the case of a large Jackpot win ?
A poem about the feelings you go through when you buy that lucky lottery ticket
They say you have to be in it to win it, but how long? I have been in it for years and never won anything more than a free ticket or $10.
There have been several shows made on lottery winners and the disastrous results of people indulging their every fantasy without planning for the future. It is a sad statement that people who have never lived beyond their means start behaving as if the entire world was up for grabs a...
Do you think you would change if you won the lottery? A lot of people say they wouldn't, but it is likely that they would.
They will buy lottery based on the numbers collected. Singapore Pools is the only legal lottery operator for 4D (4 digits) draws. If the numbers are over subscribed, they will buy from the illegal lottery syndicates.
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