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Make sure you're seated for this one. It's a lengthy narrative bringing together Louis Farrhakan's fallibility, Sir Elton John's 'baby daddy' doctrine, Barbados politics and an Action Jackson type US war veteran I call a "cliterist". Yup!
Two decades ago on this day, the Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan organized the Million Man March, which descended on Washington, D.C.
In this second instalment of my "conscious coupling" of Barbados' Reverends Holmes Williams and America's William Holmes McGuffey I explore the connections with earthly government that affected their ministries. How did these unquestionable "servants of the Kingdom of heaven" reconci...
The facts as we know them in the death of Eric Garner. An opinion on what caused his death.
One in a series of articles documenting difficulties I have been experiencing working with England's police to address short and long-term threats to my and others business interests, health and security. I address militant Islamic terrorism and other forms of unlawful violence, espe...
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