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My Sincerest Love Message..I have been going around the Internet all these passed 10 years This poetry speaks volumes ..all know it my true life may now know also... Never cast a stone on an unknown sheer madness 'tis..Remember Jesus
Love your woman..Many women need to know men before they let them in.....
Will Glen finally ask her for her number? Not if he can help it.
My love a Sonnet for you..A real first attempt at composing sonnet with words selected to be included Marked in bold
A letter to an old flame. Wishing he were still here.
This was a letter written for a lover, talks about the pains and hopes of entering a long distance relationship
This poem focuses on the girl a person craves for.. but is shy to tell his feelings to her..!!
A short writing about how a woman feels about her man. How deep feelings can run and how love brings joy to the soul.
Poem from a man to his wife during a difficult time in their relationship.
this letter i have written before my marriage . i have completed 3 years of married life on 19 november 2012 . but here again i read this paper and i feel that i love her so much
A vampire, deeply in love with a beautiful mortal, proves his love by attempting to restrain his natural, inhuman desires.
I wrote the words, “I love you” in the sand of the sea shore. But God wrote His Love Letter in the palm of His hand. He wrote my name and recorded, “I love you.”
Like pulsing blood Freeing my pain Not in me to mention For simple thoughts Sneak a glance Left me Holding the passion That once i did crave Left me standing Beside Tempting me Standing on the edge of a cliff Waiting to fall As the scent you neared me I wanted to flee Not away ...
Autumn - the season of love. A Poem about love in the beautiful season
A love letter/poem I wrote to someone to tell them how I feel. It's a poem about my first love and so far my only true love.
A poem about love and the many thoughts and feelings associated with its complex nature.
a poem about getting the last letter from Ur love..
The Love saga continues with this the 8th Love letter
I write to you this letter below the yielding immortal heavens, to commend my vows, and pledge my love to your noble heart, and all its glorious titles.
This poem is about courting and describes how genuine one's love is. I wrote this poem long time ago to help a friend express his love for someone. This is one of the many poems I wrote when asked for help winning somebody's heart.
loved wrong and gone. a brief poem about heartbreak.
I would have stitched my broken heart back together but i don't have all the pieces with me
An attempt to explain the experience of an unrelenting, and unrequited love.
This poem is about capturing a special love and preserving it. I was inspired by a special someone who I consider my soul mate.
"The Love Tongue" is about love and late night thoughts of someone special.
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