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My Sincerest Love Message..I have been going around the Internet all these passed 10 years This poetry speaks volumes ..all know it my true life may now know also... Never cast a stone on an unknown sheer madness 'tis..Remember Jesus
When you love someone deeply and time and distance is taking toll and gives you si much pain. You have to let him/her know. This poem is about emotions of a person desiring and ràving time from her love.
Love your woman..Many women need to know men before they let them in.....
Sometimes I close my eyes and try to imagine my life without her and then I pray to God and give my thanks to Him a thousand times over for a love like He has given me.
Will Glen finally ask her for her number? Not if he can help it.
I ran on an old book the other day filled with love letters of the rich and famous through history...Well you know I had to turn them into poetry, don't you?
Sharon, was photographed while taking a picture for a wikinut poem, without her knowledge. Her picture subsequently appeared on wikinut in a different writer's poem. Now she has to decide what to do...
A short writing about how a woman feels about her man. How deep feelings can run and how love brings joy to the soul.
Poem from a man to his wife during a difficult time in their relationship.
In the age of technology the custom of writing letters on paper has gone out of fashion. But, it had its passion and thrill which the modern day youth has missed.
she came into my life a movie, you know, the kind that leaves you with little tears about to fall from your eyes. A huge lump in your throat, and inspiration. A drive that makes you so sure you will find love out there.
There is no long distance about love, because love is the soul bridge between two hearts.
A vampire, deeply in love with a beautiful mortal, proves his love by attempting to restrain his natural, inhuman desires.
A Poem about Pain in Love and how to overcome it Defeat- accepted Deceit- accepted You- rejected..finally..
A poem about love and the many thoughts and feelings associated with its complex nature.
The language of true love is forever. The Journey of Love goes on forever. Love is indeed forever and to celebrate forever love, indulge in this forever romantic poem.
A short poem about love, differences in love and sadness in love.
a poem about getting the last letter from Ur love..
Love letters are the essence of a love relationship. Here is the biginning of a Love Story narrated through Love Letters between the two - The Lover and the Beloved.
This is a narrative poetry of undying love and of sadness and hope.
An attempt to explain the experience of an unrelenting, and unrequited love.
This poem is about capturing a special love and preserving it. I was inspired by a special someone who I consider my soul mate.
"The Love Tongue" is about love and late night thoughts of someone special.
~ wild sounds in the night ~ ~ angel siren voices ~ Jim Morrison ~ as a moral lion ~ roar before the daughters of the universe ~ Nietzsche ~ then you say how bad & even killers, your children are ~ Charles Manson ~ for the heart whose woes are legion ~ Poe ~ who loves ya ~ shotgun ~
~ I made the blue cars go away ~ Jim Morrison ~ if it was as lovely an oasis belly ~ Nietzsche ~ You eat meat and you kill things that are better than you are ~ Charles Manson ~ in veils & drowned in tears ~ Poe ~ what hunts you down ~ owns you ~ is where you are ~
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