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Life is often said to be a game. There are rules for us to learn. There are natural cycles for us to take notice of. This writer chooses to differ from this view. We are not bound by such rules, or cycles. We can even transcend the game. We can become something greater than all of th...
A beautiful collection of inspirational quotes that are highly loved.
This poem was written for myself and others who suck when it comes to dating.
Almost everybody wants an exciting love life. People dream of love, romance and lots of sex. This article is a how to have it all. An exciting love life does not happen by luck. They require the experience of personal life lessons learned over time and relationships development s...
When you are being cheated on by your partner, what would you do?
When things are rough and you need to vent or you just need some sound advice, you go to your family and closest friends, right? Careful. A bit of artistry is required here.
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