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This book review is about the life of an extraordinary man. Sadhu Sundar Singh put on his yellow robe of humility as a sign of his self-giving of his life to Jesus. He wore this colour for the rest of his short life. "It is easy to die for Christ", he said once, "but it is living fo...
This is part three of a story I wrote a couple of years ago. This story is based on true events that happened in my life. Through this story, you will discover what I did. Love never dies, it only changes form.
Death can cause us many heartaches, but in our heart dwells only love. If we think about this connection, we see that love must be connected somehow to death. Love requires death to fully love. This is an article about death in life becoming life in death again, because of love.
This is poetry about music and love, the time of seasons coming together and the dream that never dies.
Sometimes when we least expect it the world begins turning in the wrong direction and no matter how hard we push and pull we soon begin to feel, like a baby bird who can't fly, and there is nothing that can be done. I was 19 years old and ten-thousand miles away from anyone who cared.
There is an old story I remember reading someplace. I can’t remember exactly how it goes, or who it was who wrote the story, or just where I was when I read the story, but I knew my life was a lot like the fox in the story in those days. I thought it masterful and meaningful at the...
In a world turned upside down are we brave enough to speak out, while being loving enough to listen? Can we not all be Americans without the hyphens that divide us? Must we hate each other?
This piece of poetry tries to show us that love is always alive in us, at all times. It is always only ever we that can ever die to love, and it is never love that can ever die to us. Love itself never ever dies.
This is a narrative poetry of undying love and of sadness and hope.
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