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Sometimes when we least expect it the world begins turning in the wrong direction and no matter how hard we push and pull we soon begin to feel, like a baby bird who can't fly, and there is nothing that can be done. I was 19 years old and ten-thousand miles away from anyone who cared.
A lovely sight has got him wanting more.He wants to break the ice and feels that a good start would be asking for a dance.Nice to have two hearts swaying to a love song.
I analyze The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Elliot
How does the Internet writer relate to their followers? How do followers/fans make all the difference! If you want to peek into our secret lives and also learn some very helpful writing tips, read on!
Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. I have written this poem for my husband to wish him "Happy Wedding Anniversary " !
Each year in the fall, I hear our October Love Song.
~When my guitar playing son and I get together with my drum playing son-in-law get together anything can happen. This piece is the result of a session we had when we were Shadow Danse. Sitting here in California, 1400 miles from those bad boyz in Colorado, I wanna go back. I’m go...
~My son is a master of instruments~he’s a guitar man by choice but plays them all~engineers music & video in his studio~creates rock videos with his brother~the circle of life & family is open when we unite in rituals of creation~seems like we were talking and arguing away~
~Creative projects with my children have enlightened, lifted, and gifted me on several levels all my adult life. The music, videos, and art, not to mention, most important and precious of all, grandchildren have calmed, fulfilled, and sustained me. This is the story of a song, a fath...
Love Song~ I would drown in a moment of fear every day~color my love with your smile and say~I love you today & yesterday too~only tomorrow will know what to do~
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