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My poetry is as often as often can be as Blind as I may be so read on and enjoy close your eyes and see the world is not so dark as vision thee
Will You Love Me Day After..As one ages love becomes to trail A guy a woman has suspicion will the other one continue to love ....
My Sincerest Love Message..I have been going around the Internet all these passed 10 years This poetry speaks volumes ..all know it my true life may now know also... Never cast a stone on an unknown sheer madness 'tis..Remember Jesus
Life can be cruel but we always have a choice in the steps we take. We can't justify tormenting ourselves just because we feel that we have the right too. We must try to move forward.
Poems about love at first sight. Being in love at first sight is so special. Sometimes we not realize that the person we fall for at first sight becomes our soul mate.
This is how some love-stories begin... Probably some last like this...
Body is her temple This poetry was composed for a kid for his gf at request Nothing to do with any of you
Your silence Silence is meaningless why do you wish to be silent when god has given you a voice
Once Sage Vishwamitra was performing a very difficult tapasya. Indra, the king of gods, was afraid that once completed, the tapasya would make Vishwamitra very powerful and he would even, So Indra sent Menaka, a beautiful dancer of his court, to earth to break his penance.find out the...
Sometimes you meet your soul mate and life becomes incredible.
And Father sad love em..for who knows when we will need them again so,.. love em
She yearns for L O V E ..This one is a beautiful love- poet a world class one is she no one can beat her I guarantee
I dedicate this poem to all those souls who feel death is better than to live a life without their loved ones.
O Superficial love We all love to love and so why not we love
These poem speaks about the feeling of love, and what one can do to each other.
The person I missed the most in this life was me because I lost myself in others wants and needs all my life! I just hope that I can help a young person NOT do what I did.
This is about a person who met some years ago while on tour ( I was a part of an performing arts ministry) and she is the mother to one of my friends but quickly became everyone’s mother we had a bond that grow strong with time she is truly and amazing person.
"Fiona, it"s time for you to return back into the sea, where you belong.' Said the young lady.
Love is difficult and sometimes you just have to write what you feel in order to keep your sanity.
Love your woman..Many women need to know men before they let them in.....
Love is eternal.When we love someone we are ready to die for them.But a thought of separation terrors us.The pain of separation is unbearable.
Will it be love or obsession? Love has to be love, I feel great, I feel wonderful I admire you, I feel calm I admire you, I want you in my arms
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
Loving you, live in the sea, being the eternal heart... feeling, living, swimming, never shipwreck, being the eternal heart... being the eternal heart...
Far from reality lives the shadow of the past, in the shadows lays no rest. Even in sleep memories and lost continues to torment.
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