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This wonderfully written book is a primer on fear and love. It tells you that to be your real self, you must love yourself, and not fear being the person, that is "meant" to be you. Follow your spiritual path. Fulfil your spiritual purpose. Be the real you. God has fashioned you fr...
Growing up is a stage with ups and downs. Being proud of who you are and loving yourself is the way to happiness and victory. This is very important for everyone in this world.
In order to progress in life you need to be able to severely limit your personal fear factors. There are three key steps in achieving this. May 26th Inspirational thought of the day - are you ready?
Detailing the negative effects of hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and oils in the body, what these are and how they are formed, listing the symptoms. The good oils, herbs and foods to eat to have a healthy balanced body.
February 6th's thought of the day is about self love. This follows a similar theme to the last few days. These inspirational thoughts by Peter B. Giblett are intended to assist each reader in a programme of self-improvement.
Some advices on how to take care of your hair at home!
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