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The philosophy of man & woman being born as earth soul mate companions.
Its all about the effect of broken on an individual and how to heal from it.
Victoria Harper spent 5 years in an online dating relationship with Matthew McHenry. But after a torturous time waiting to meet, the time had finally come for the two star-crossed lovers to meet. Will their first meeting be the love that couldn’t wait, or a big waste of time?
My poetry is as often as often can be as Blind as I may be so read on and enjoy close your eyes and see the world is not so dark as vision thee
A girl, A prince. Another Cinderella story without the evil mother or evil sister. Just the two of them.
Alisha Thompkins falls head-over-heels in love with the new guy, Hadley Jamison, at school. But due to competition from her best friend, Chelsea Grimes, Alisha does the only thing she knows and backs down. As Hadley and Chelsea grow closer, Alisha watches from the sidelines. But wh...
A short poem about her choosing life in every single instance of eternity.
I'll tell you my story on how I found the love of my life.
After divorcing her cheating husband, Becky Benson decides to take a two-week cruise to get her mind off her trouble. But when she boards her cruise, she is disillusioned by all the couples on board who are in love. That is, until she meets a gentleman who is looking for love who sh...
A day in hot summer where they both try to stick together each day and try to make others happy before their own comfort and wishes.
Loveliest folks have read me thanks To energize the human mind and keep it virile agile look at younger girls n guys
An erratic story of a boy and a girl... who finds their way in a world of love which is pure and untamed of the devious things.
You sing at a karaoke singoff at your local tavern and someone from your past joins in...............
Submit To Love ...The world is running ...more after lust's time we raced towards love no not sex ...but love of mankind where we can look after the common interests
Amy has been away from home for 2 years furthering her modelling career. She left her childhood sweetheart Sam behind. Has the glamorous glittering life turned out to be what she wants after all? Read on to find out more.
A poem for a guy who fell in love with two different girls with different personalities.
Lisa is feeling down, she has just split up with Paul, and she needs no reminders that Valentin's Day is fast approaching. Read on to find out more?
The time in my life when the decision in my life the cost of which was so dear. And I am still paying for that decision f so long ago.
Lizzie Carson has always made her way taking men from other women. But when she meets her soulmate in Hanson Miles, her friend, Sarah Wells, steals him from her. Will Lizzie win Hanson’s heart, or has Lizzie lose Hanson because of her past?
Meredith Rogers was a bored housewife looking for an adventure, but she never anticipated the adventure she would get when the ghost of Elvis Presley visited her one night. The adventures he took her on were more than a wild ride. It was love at first sight. Soon, no man could comp...
Genny Meiers had her life planned out. She was going to school to be a doctor. But when a tragic plane wreck Genny and her fiance, Andrew Thompson, are on leaves no survivors, Genny and Andrew find themselves castaways on a deserted island. On their own to fend for themselves, Genn...
Carissa Watkins has eaten at her favorite diner for the last 3 years. When her friend, Taryn Williams, who is a waitress at the same diner, sets Carissa up with a gentleman who has also eaten at the diner, their first lunch date goes horribly wrong? Will Carissa see love or swear of...
Laurie Hamilton is looking forward to a long flight to her favorite destination, a vacation she hasn’t taken in 2 years. When she meets a handsome stranger on the flight who engages her to schedule monthly flights for secret rendezvouses aboard the flight , Laurie casaually accepts...
Sometimes we pray that we can return to our first true love but life makes it impossible. If it is true love, then you will give unto it selflessly and think no more of yourself.
Wendy's parents had always had high hopes for her, they had wanted her to go to University, get high grades, and then a well paid job. But she had got pregnant at 17, and married her childhood sweetheart Dan. She loved her baby son Ben, but felt she had let her parents down. Read on...
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