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Submit To Love ...The world is running ...more after lust's time we raced towards love no not sex ...but love of mankind where we can look after the common interests
Poems about love at first sight. Being in love at first sight is so special. Sometimes we not realize that the person we fall for at first sight becomes our soul mate.
Body is her temple This poetry was composed for a kid for his gf at request Nothing to do with any of you
Once Sage Vishwamitra was performing a very difficult tapasya. Indra, the king of gods, was afraid that once completed, the tapasya would make Vishwamitra very powerful and he would even, So Indra sent Menaka, a beautiful dancer of his court, to earth to break his penance.find out the...
God promised to never leave us or forsake us; He promised to love us and be there no matter what. This is in honor of that love!
And Father sad love em..for who knows when we will need them again so,.. love em
Love is the same,Love is equal... Is love the same? Is love the equal?
...enjoy our love affair. my voluptuousness is all yours... Love me tonight my love... -erotic story of an unstoppable fantasy-
O Superficial love We all love to love and so why not we love
This is a poem about fantasy and illusion and all that can be found with the pen and the ink and put on paper so the eyes of the world can dream sweet dreams. That place where love lives forever young.
This is about a person who met some years ago while on tour ( I was a part of an performing arts ministry) and she is the mother to one of my friends but quickly became everyone’s mother we had a bond that grow strong with time she is truly and amazing person.
this poem saved me from a long writers block this is a true story while I was sitting in front of blank page and a Pray Mantis come to me and let him/her climb my hand and I started writing to this new friend of mine.
Will it be love or obsession? Love has to be love, I feel great, I feel wonderful I admire you, I feel calm I admire you, I want you in my arms
Loving you, live in the sea, being the eternal heart... feeling, living, swimming, never shipwreck, being the eternal heart... being the eternal heart...
What is love? ancient question... What is love?
give me a reason.... give me one reason... explain to me...
my love, my sweet love... my love, an impossible love ...
Hello this poem is a poem of Love and finding our feet its about being true and being who you are how God made you to be. pleas follow the link to watch the video your support would be very apprreciated
I most write on the darker side of things, but even I have my moments of love.
As winter knocks on our doors my heart returns to spring and the garden I love so dearly.
I’d like to cup your face..This poetry is not for any one here but my lost friend... who wanted to tell his gf ...but couldn't do as he met with an accident.. with this card in his hand ..Sad but you may like it .. tis for none of you
Cry not my Love.All men believe they have marred lovely when till they know they were living in self ignited darkness
"She is the one for me!" "She is gorgeous!" "She is my dream girl!" Well these thoughts do cross the mind or heart at least once in a boy's life! And then suddenly life becomes so beautiful! Everything seems so easy! Aah! That feeling! This poem is for you and your love! Enjoy!
Ever had a bad dream?? Well I had one too (infact many!). I decided to jot it down and ended up writing a poem! Hope you all enjoy reading my poem!
Rosy Love cheeky eh!..We are always in the lurch in search of love and roses real perfumed and beautifully true
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