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Never Love a S T R A N G E R - Many times while walking alone in the wilderness or the breezy sea shore you come across another lonely gal or guy ..then what may happen see
LOVERME WIKIS Author of the day....We must live ...having been forced out of the dark compact tight tunnel long as it's bright and shining
I eat sleep and weep poetry...Tears of joy and grief all in one cup ..Now enjoy me
My Philosophy my views take them with a pinch of salt if you wish to..This is my way of modern thought Hope you will give me the freedom of thought Thanks all.
Romanian! Lover..One can fall in love just at the drop of ones hat so was this quick episode
A true story of what all life really is about Disease!ONLY ..Accident apart...
Hello Mr Lover! A young love poet has been sharing his poetry his and mine are unique This message is mostly for him all may enjoy it some will curse as usual
My way Of Love This is only imagination no insinuation for I know no one Read and move on kindly..
Lover’s cheaters..This is consequence to my experience as confided in me by so many Take care will ye.
Excerpts Loverme..Some fear death ... others deafness ...some are fearless ...which one are you
Here our heroine is back, and she's beginning again, or is she ending again? Sometimes it's the falling that makes you realize how steady you can be on your feet.
Lover-me is jobless hahahaaaa..Well I am presently jobless yes can't deny it But I am fully occupied n eating most of my time.
A romantic night,a lover wants this night.A togetherness,what more can a lover ask for.
Lover boy..We all love to love.... some guys still say love is next ....lust is must But some oldies like me all like ye
Appreciation is the elixir of creation.A beautiful Belgrade lover boys comment...He just said beautiful ...beautiful..beautiful...
A lover wants his lovers lips.He wants to taste his desire and wants to bring it to her attention.
Lovers in a quiet night who are all by themselves with just the natural surrounding.
Going back in time when a impending war looms.In beginning of a night a soldier sends a urgent poem with a go-between to his beloved.Being a soldier makes it difficult for him to be accepted by her family.His duties are risky and her family won't accept him as a suitor.Love is blind a...
She .In life come some moments and occurrences unexplained one was such a one now explained...
If someone asks me how you would describe "happiness"…My answer would be… "I would hug you and say this is happiness for me." Now I am writing a part of my life which would be boring to read. I was scared as well as happy that I wasn't in any relationship till then. I realized tha...
For those who missed Loverme..A belated Happy NEW Year to all Wikinut fraternity
Lover boys We all want a love in our lives ...some want to own ...some claim another unknown ...Some shadow ...hoping some day ..they will also play
Just one more night By popular demand another youtube request It seems many more like yiutubes than poetry only
This poem narrates the necessity of my anonmity..and better name as L M only
Open Wide and let love flow.Its all about love and its MAGICAL moments.
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