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We learn a lot, by giving to others That's love exposed, not under cover Out in the open, where it belongs Love is a gift, from our innards it spawns..... Enjoy:)
This poem describes the nature of a friend, And tells the way he smile, the way he looks.
This page is just touching on affection and how not giving it can really damper someone's spirits who feel that they may want or need it.
This is simple a poem written in the perspective of 'Doubt' and how it can ruin a relationship, but here I wanted to show that it doesn't have to. That a relationship can get passed it.
Exploring what it takes to be a good parent especially in today's demanding and often harsh world. Also looks at how to be a good parent if you have teen children, how to ensure that that connection between parents and children is not only maintained but also strengthened as the child...
Being in touch with nature, with plants and trees is a wonder filled happening. It soothes the mind, balances the emotions and brings joy to the heart. Spring, summer and the ending.
This was so beautiful and prophetic I suppose, The letter originated on the 15th of September, 1998 and the author has but one desire only that the entire world should read it: "I am not going to be the one who lets it die.. I found it believable --angels have walked beside me all my ...
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away and in this life; "only one thing really matters that wherever we go and however we go, we hear the music of life." By: Theodor Fontane
One moment we are at the pinnacle of joy and happiness the next moment we find ourselves at the bottom of a dark, sad pit of despair. We sometimes tend to judge and criticize those that experience these pendulum mood swings. We even label them a type x, y or z. Yet when the truth be ...
People feel valuable when they perceive that others accept them as competent and desirable. Sometimes, being in a state of need diminishes competency to zero. It's true with the newborn - the aged too.
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