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Leo was my faithful dog, my best friend for almost twelve years. This is dedicated to his memory
A smalll tryst engineered perhaps by the Lord himself. There can be no other explanation for it.
The Pope is back in his home continent. He is here with a message, and he is hoping this message about love and Environment echoes into every country.
Self-limiting beliefs limit us to following those beliefs. They lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. We limit ourselves from living fully from the love that God wants us to live fully from. And it's not just our beliefs that can limit us. Our way of thinking can also do this. Here ar...
a bowl of cherries i offer to you... red they are ...delicious to taste but if some are not ripe then spit them out...just as you would those who come to harm or denigrate you...i do all the time wherever i am...blessings to all my dear friends here..
We learn a lot, by giving to others That's love exposed, not under cover Out in the open, where it belongs Love is a gift, from our innards it spawns..... Enjoy:)
I maintain that there is nobody so bad, that there is no good in them, and nobody so good that they don't have a bad side. Here is an example of a "bad man" that I loved, and who I felt loved me.
we wander here, we wander there but always there seems a vein of being running through, a strand leading us where we need to go...and that is how i write...blessings to all...
So important are words...a plen·i·po·ten·ti·ar·y of life in a nutshell...that is what i share with you and love doing it..those of you indoctrinated by your viciousness and church will not understand....others will enjoy
i have plainly laid out much of whom we are...what we can do...many will not like it nor believe it but it still is going on and still always makes me laugh at people like that..they live in their ignorance quite happily...ha!
flights of fancy you may say but i know more than just fancies...experience is my reality and so i write such things as these...please be aware that all of my work is copyrighted Carolan Nathan...happy New Year to you all
Are you, am I? why is it so hard to love you? it's love, it's true love? why we have so many problems, why is it so hard to love?
I love words,,, so often they light up my soul and passion shines through. I also want to dedicate this to Joe Cocker...he came forward at a great time of change when he and others like him were able to help transform the world..
Man has been given many chances to make good...and many have made bad...even some here as we all know...anyway not to worry they will get theirs in a somewhat awful and i will just float into paradise on heavenly wings...
People have been drinking since time immemorial and will continue in future. It's essential to understand this fabulous pastime.
this page presents my gratitude for the gift of my loving parents, am happy and proud of them
Well my friends i am going into depths of feelings here but why fortunate to be able to experience and express...perhaps you too do so...anyway just enjoy this...
Hard to describe this one for it is deep and multi-leveled...Nothing is going on and yet worlds are being torn asunder all the time both metaphorically and physically...just look around! ....enjoy
So many people seek revenge for what often are illusionary slights. They search not realizing it is their own life they are harming. Some beautiful music here and a video of eyes ...all sorts to enjoy....
How to say nicely words that could be cruel..but then sometimes important to shake awake those who sleep in ignorance as their lives slip away...for nowadays it seems that ignorance is bliss for want of a better word....enjoy
When you are ready to take that wee step which actually is the largest one you will ever least whilst in this human form..then transfigured you will be ...a truly heavenly state...enjoy...
Well many there are who really do not understand my writings and then question them. Fine by me it is...if i can shed some light on incredible happenings I will as I have always done.. pioneer I am...
I read some pages of misery here and pondered on why this keeps happening for certain people...looking through a glass darkly! why don't they bloody change and see how wonderful all really is...always a choice for us to sit in shit or fly free....I know I always go North!!!!!enjoy
Always searching most people are for love...hither and thither they go...this one that....then one day finally they look inside and find what they have always been looking for.......enjoy
Travel with me to worlds without end..not found here for sure but step beyond what you do or think you are and there find the magic that lays within and in the outer worlds....this is pure out-of-the body stuff where I hang out a lot!!!!
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