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After the presidential election in Sri Lanka, a surprising change of power is emerging. The long-time incumbent Rajapakse admits defeat even before the official announcement of the final result. He was considered the favorite.
The LTTE was a Tamil organization fighting for Elam or freedom under Vellupani Prabhakaran. They however suffered a crushing defeat and dreams of Elam evaporated.
The Sri Lanka army won the war against the LTTE, but in the process many atrocities were committed by both sides. However the report that a 12 year old son of the LTTE leader was shot in cold blood need to be investigated
War breaks out between nations just for a heap of land or because of rulers’ ego. Who has to suffer eventually? Even if a nuclear bomb explodes in a neighboring country the impact will spread globally. Narrow minded politicians may not consider it for their temporary benefit.
The North East of Sri Lanka is home to a strange phenomena, where men covered with grease have attacked Tamil women and girls.
The LTTE was a terrorist organization which was crushed by the Lanka army, with not a little help from India
The LTTE was a terror outfit that was decimated by the Sri Lanka Army not without a little help from India
The concept of a Martial race is as old as history, but the lines have blurred somewhat in the modern age.
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