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I believe in myself and my luck and am sure to be welcomed by greater success and achievements.
"Iā€™m so sorry, love, I looked everywhere you told me to. I even looked under the Humpty Dumpty Jigsaw but there was nothing there. Only your view master with the slideshow of "The people that time forgot".
We all deny we have them. Carnal thoughts. Inspiration is all around. I do not hold back when a string of verses catch me. The difficulty comes in having the means to write down the draft at the time of creation. Memory is not always reliable.
What is most important to get a job, is it knowledge or luck? I am wondering why many people having great knowledge ,still they are jobless. They searched job whole day and at the end of the day they becomes frustrated and fade up because of not getting job.
A story about a child that loved to skipped school and also lie to his dad.
Lotto is very popular in Hanoi (capital of Vietnam) and around. Every people like to win this lucky gambling. But almost of them never get rich and can be easy to go bankrupt. So how to win this lucky gambling?
This poem is about is about a woman, that lacks confidence in herself. She doesn't realize how beautiful she is.
Yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a movie date.. We watch " IN FEAR " and sorry to say, we don't like the movie. So after that we eat and then go to Timezone to play our favorite arcade games! :)) Then this kid got my attention when I saw what he's playing, I suddenly got intereste...
How often I forget the fact that I am so extraordinarily lucky. This morning I meditate on some of the treasures I possess and appreciate their value.
Pumpkin is hailed as the Halloween fruit of the west, especially in the US and Canada. But you may be surprised to find that In South India, the yellow flower of pumpkin is ritually placed in front of the houses
If you happen to be chinese! What is this massive even feverish rush by single chinese people all over the world, to tie the proverbial knot tomorrow on 12 December 2012? According to the chinese calender, it is considered very lucky and sure to bring everlasting good fortune to coupl...
A poem about being let down by someone and how naive some people are to our feelings
Today is the thirteen. To some, it is an unlucky number and/or day. It doesn't have to be that way. I wrote a poem in a different perspective about thirteen. I hope that you enjoy this poem.
"And that, your honor, is how the girl ended up in my hotel room...."
Bingo calls are simply specific terms used to denote a particular number(e.g. 1 = Kelly's Eye). In honour of the popular game especially in UK, the author provides some origin of the numbers become words.
most of my mornings start with thoughts that i cant do away with... and luckily most of my friends love it if i share these thoughts with i have a compilation of these thoughts...
What is called luck doesn't come to you by chance - it comes for a reason.
Inspired by Cassia' photo and dedicated to my wonderful Troy
The air-conditioner is an essential appliance nowadays ā€“ especially during the relentless summer heat. But are you aware that this hardworking machine shares a relationship with Fengshui principles too? Read on to find out more.
This blog post is dedicated to my younger sister, Rimah Izabella, for always having a smile on her face despite the fact that she doesn't have everything. She is a perfect example of someone who can make you realize that happiness and contentment go hand in hand. We all love her so mu...
A poem I wrote because I have a lot to be grateful really.
Every one wants to enjoy a happy and lucky life. You may wonder how you can acquire more luck to make your life even better. In fact, you can consult the following advices as to obtain some original ideas:
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