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For bass fishing interested people surely have to do it from a boat. A bass fishing boat widens the range. It has a special feature it brings to that place where you can easily get the fishes. On other boats you have to wait for the fishes. But here it’s not like that. You don’t h...
Women need to understand some of the advantages they have over the men with whom they fish. Once these are understood, the whole fishing experience becomes much more relaxing and enjoyable.
A short poem about the dangers of sea banks on the coast and why you should seek advice before going fishing on unknown shores.
My husband is in Merchant Navy. He sails for four to six months and stays home for six months. When he left for sailing for the first time, I missed him badly. Today, after four years of our marriage, I bumped into this letter I wrote to him when he was about to come home after four m...
This poem is dedicated to my fellow Wikinutter Steve Kinsman.
Learn how to catch the perfect size walleye, perch, bluegill or northern.
Insidious – adjective 1. intended to entrap or beguile (influence by trickery, flattery, etc.; mislead) 2. stealthily treacherous or deceitful 3. operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect
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