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Sometimes in life, your moral compass has to take a backseat to pragmatism.
There are those whom you suspect to always be lying about their pain and suffering, in order to get your money or to conceal the fact that they drank last night. It's horrible.
A commentary on the unethical behavior and corruption of Harry Reid, the former Speaker of the Senate.
Unfortunate. It is incredibly hard to break the habit of lying. Lying is saying something with the intent of creating a false belief or impression. It’s an attempt to get someone to believe something that is not true. But at what cost?
Lying to yourself and to others is a form of self-punishment. The falseness of such dishonesty appears real only to one who hates, and who doesn't love enough though. Hating is a refuge of the fearful. This poetry explores further these themes. The truth can never be compromised. ...
Are you getting tired of hearing people yammer about the Supreme Court of the United States having a war on women, when it is the 1st Amendment right to exercise religious freedom the Court upheld? It's time they sang a truthful song.
Many people consider themselves to be honest, but online they lie. Some lie intentionally, others may be thinking that what they are doing is okay, but really they are lying. Learn about some of the different ways people lie online.
The greatest form of honesty is truth, and yet honesty is just a garment that truth wears. Pride yourself on clothing yourself with honesty, and the truth will be seen coming through. A book is known by its cover, as the old saying goes, and there is more than just a grain of truth ...
This poem is about how; it can be hard to trust people. We can have a hard time, telling the truth to people. We do lie, though, it is better to tell the truth.
the hurt of being lied to.. not once but from the beginning of time...
There are lot of things to consider in our life, our daily habit may also destroy us. So we have to take care and change some daily habits accordingly.
Not every invitation is welcome. Turning one down can be awkward. Here are some options for declining an invitation that is unwelcome and unwanted.
In some situations......Is it better to tell the truth or tell a lie?
Law enforcement agencies dig deep into your past, asking very personal questions. Should you lie to get the job?
Crime anywhere is a crime, but worst of all is when it takes place where we least expected and where we thought ourselves safest, in our churches.
Originally written in December of 2008. Because Christmas is coming up, I felt the need to write a post on the subject of Santa Claus. I feel that it is wrong for a parent to tell children that Santa Claus comes to the house and gives you all the parents. There are a few reasons why...
Short essay on how mastering the art of lying is essential to humanities survival
There is always a period in any woman's life when she tries to hide the truth about her age and I am not exempt from this reality.
This poem is about our internal war of feelings which we don't tell anyone but ourselves are also not able to decide which side to stand.
A basic primer in how to expose a lie without exposing yourself
I'm going through a painful breakup, which came as a shock to me. These are some of my thoughts now.
Do you anyone who lies? Do you know anyone who doesn't lie? Is it human nature to tell a little white lie once in a while?
With services available to all and many options and people to choose from, one is forced to embellish a bit.
Recently, I've thought to myself [i]"Can people really change?.....Is it possible?"[/i]
another sad love break up poem from the same guy who has inspired the last ones. We were together for years and he was just a liar and a cheater so i have a lot ive learned and will not make the mistake of letting happen again.
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