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This page is dedicated for my own love lyrics, love is not at first sight, it is an everlasting concept
An assessment of the lyrical talents of Candice Night.
just something I was write to a beat of music. just something to get the creative juices flowing.
I love all music and listen to many different styles and Ive noticed many country songs follow the same pattern
Weve all been there - just doing the bare minimum to go out in public. Are we slowly sliding downhill ?
Another song that came on a plane. I guess Jim was right - people are strange when youre a stranger
Like so much of entertainment today, we just want to hear the hits. It limits the artist creativity but the public doesnt care
My own first lyrics its just a draft, kinda, feel free to comment
I wrote this poem/lyrics on 2014.05.26. I can smell my muse somewhere near. This poem is quite dark, sad, glamorous and passionate. I was just catched by my muse. I love this poem. One of my favourites. Makes me sad and reminds me of dark era which is still in my heart and in my daily...
I wrote this poem on 2013-08-19. I'm not very proud of what I'm talking about in this poem/lyrics, but it is what it is, it was, what it was. Everytime I write, I write about myself, my dreams, desires, feelings, romances. Now my poems are more sensous and passionate, but I just wante...
I wrote this poem/lyrics on 2013-08-18. Ugh it was quite a long time ago. I can't really remember what's been on my mind when i wrote this poem. I was just inspired by some insignificant things. I don't know. But this poem still means a lot to me. It bares my soul.
Ugh I wrote this poem/lyrics on 2013-09-20. I am not very satisfied with this one. As far as I can remember I wrote it while it was raining and I was lost my inspiration. And I was feeling shitty. I don't know why the fuck I named this poem Emerald Cat. I don't know what the fuck is e...
I wrote this poem on 2013-11-15. Ugh. I was lost my muse when i wrote this poem/lyrics. This one is not the best poem I have ever wrote, but makes sense to me. This poem is about me. Everytime I read it, I get really upset. By the way, one stanza is from Jeff Buckley's song "Dream Bro...
I wrote this poem on 2014-01-04. This poem reminds me of a new year evening and a wild night. A night when I met some cool people and we got drunk. We were walking down the Kaunas streets and watching fireworks, kissing, sitting in the bars, smoking, sitting by the river, drinking gin...
I wrote this poem/lyrics on 2014-05-04. I wrote it after a long time not writing. I lost my muse, but I love this poem. This one is one of my favorite. I dedicate "Black Gold" to Jeff Buckley. He inspired me to write "Black Gold". I wrote it while I was listening to his album "Grace"....
In this post i'll be talking about my top 5 favorite Internet radio stations.
Rick Ross has music fans heated all over the face of North America, and its all because of one simple line in the lyrics of his song 'Black and White'.
In this article I dissect the lyrics to the greatly written song, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica, portraying the thoughts of a patient in a psychiatric hospital.
Black Sabbath released Paranoid shortly after their very first self titled album debut. I will be reviewing the album in it's entirety, going through each separate track to find out exactly why this is marked as one of Black Sabbath's greatest works.
The Poem depicts on the beautiful, blissful and beautiful Goddess on Earth - WILLIAMSJI
These two short free-verse lyrical poems are meant to convey how strange life is through words.
Esoteric Poetry for Mind Expansion and Spiritual Unification
Endless Love is theme of this two love lyrics - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Three Inspirational Love Poems scribbled by WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Great singers have an impact on many people. Their songs are sung for generations. When a singer dies, all his fans are sorrowed. Written after the passing of Arik Einstein.
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