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In every war, there are always two sides, fighting and we always think that ours is the best and worth to be supported.
People said it looked like a wonderful hotel, but everything changed from 1939.
They knock down historical buildings that are part of a city urban heritage to satisfy developers' greed.
There has been a black ribbon for the victims of March 11th 2004. It'll most probably be one for those in London, but nobody remembers the ones in Irak or Syria.
There are 2 matches playing for the Champions League. First one is Monaco vs Arsenal and the second one is Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen. Read on for predictions for both match-ups.
This is the story of the longest train route in the world.
Walking in parks or woodlands is our natural environment that one wouldn't like it to end.
We ought to change our lifestyle rather than marching on a handful of cities, claiming against climate change.
As Mayor of this capital city, this lady is a real disgrace and its inhabitants aim to get rid of her on next year.
When Antonio, a cronic disabled man, was going to be evicted from his home, everyone in the area went out to support him.
Why the Royal Palace in Madrid remains empty and what the visitor exclaimed after his friend´s explaination.
Unusual names given to things that are as necessary for everyone´s keep as bread.
Explaining to an outsider why the streets of Madrid are so filthy and full of litter everywhere.
Anyone traveling through Madrid's main Atocha railway station in the last twenty years will remember the beautiful, tropical garden in the station's main concourse.
A Romanian footballer has just signed for the Spanish side, Getafe in Madrid but his surname means anything from "sissy" to "faggot" in Spanish.
The Primera Division side at first battled against the Turkish champion before eventually cruising to a noteworthy triumph after the break, as a twofold from Benzema and a cap trap from Cristiano Ronaldo accompanied Isco's opening objective.
Madrid is a grand capital city, but there´re more important issues to tackle to improve it, other than hosting the 2020 Games.
Not being against the celebration of such international and ancient sports competition, I doubt that this will help in the recovery of the economy of the chosen capital city and country.
We sometimes crave to travel far away to see things and places when we, perhaps, don´t know our own and there may be interesting jewels around the corner.
My Pictures of Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Granada and Barcelona Bring Back Beautiful Memories. Barcelona was my favorite city in Spain.
Plan beforehand all the tickets that are required for your London to Portugal train travel. This will be a break journey so look over the map once before starting your journey. Know all the places where you need to board and even to visit.
2012 is the year I am going to get out there and start striking off my ever growing list of places to go before I settle down & so something ‘productive’ – god forbid.
A 40-minute wait at a train station results in an argument between a young woman referred to as Jig and her male American companion.
My thoughts on David Beckham and the decline of football.
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