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As the red curtains slowly rose upwards, the audience held their breaths in anticipation.
The pineal gland often called our third eye even has a primal lens left over, quite true, and it has a tendency to develop calcium deposits in some people. Perhaps matching the stories of a gem or pearl found in the head of the mythological Naga or dragon?
This is number Eleven of my "Dolly Ducktail" story's, lets see what happens when Dolly sorts out all her old toys
About those wishes which can be possible in imaginations and dreams.
I tread with care and great trepidation this time with this trio of poems, as the subject this time is that wonderful creature “Woman”
This is gripping, magical, sensational, heartfelt. It will pull your heart-strings, as well as give you a sense of joy--as you witness a brief battle between good and evil.
This time my four poems that lean a little on the "Dark" side
The law of cause and effect in life is in operation at all times and it hardly receives a passing glance. But there is another law that we should take very seriously, for it is violently shaking the very substance of our being with malicious intent
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