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LORD made it clear that Pharaoh was to let his people go, that they may serve him. Exodus 8:1-15 Pharaoh was warned, but not threatened, because the end result was in his hands, he could have controlled the situation with a lot more common sense.
This article is an opinion piece on weather or not what we know or do not know can be explained as science or as magic.
Article writers and illusionists are alike in that both need an audience in order to function. Illusionists need viewers and article writers need readers.
I answered a discussion of a good friend of mine that said that lucid dreams are magic you can actually change your dreams so they can turn out the way you want them too, well that is true only it is science, psychologists will and can help people with these dreams, so in my view if i...
The mind continued in searching and asked about the meaning of the reactions which didn't have actions from the story of Jesus Christ. In here you see reactions from the period of prophet Moses which made me conclude that my spirit was alive in his time. It appeared clearly that I pla...
Dungeons and Dragons: Pathfinder character background for the uninspired. Constructive criticism welcome as always.
As the red curtains slowly rose upwards, the audience held their breaths in anticipation.
This actual news footage shows a boy in Spanish Town Jamaica who is said to be haunted by the ghost of his dead friend.
Narnia is cool. I love watching Narnia series. I'm waiting for it to release but unfortunately it won't be soon(the next one)
About those wishes which can be possible in imaginations and dreams.
Generally, magic is performed with articles like playing cards, balls, rings, cigarettes and other simple objects.
In writing for, I was asked to write about how Criss Angel does his tricks.
The famous magician, David Chipperfield, makes a member of the audience disappear.
Believe in your God, so your God will give you power to fight the black magical things.
This is gripping, magical, sensational, heartfelt. It will pull your heart-strings, as well as give you a sense of joy--as you witness a brief battle between good and evil.
Learn magic tricks you always wanted to master with magic tricks explained in detail with illustrations. Get to know the secret behind the tricks being performed, and surprise your family and friends.
This article examines the horoscope of the most famous magician who ever lived.
This is another true road story about when I worked as a roadie for a magician!
Harry Houdini is known as the greatest magician and escape artist in history. His "Chinese Water Torture Cell" routine made him internationally famous, and the inspiration of every magician since his time.
Miracles still exist but one need to be very careful not to mistake magic for miracle. The practice of witchcraft is prevalent in today's contemporary churches.
Some thoughts on politics as politicians do it, just a simple poetry with the common elements of politics as what the writer see today.
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