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One of the major challenges of history is that what we know is taught by those that claimed victory, the truth may have a slightly different twist and history therefore differs according to the class of the person viewing it. With Britain (or more specifically England and Wales) being...
Free speech is an absolute right all people have, or do they? This article provides a brief look at the history of the freedom of expression and its impact on human society. The great philosopher Socrates became of martyr for free speech as have so many that followed him, yet free spe...
Where do your legal rights come from? If you live in the English speaking world then you may be surprised about the common threads over the past thousand years that links many of our basic rights together, and how the impact extends today.
For those of you who are fascinated by history (be it true or a distorted view of history) this will bring some of the historical people and periods who still fascinate me. From Merlin to Spartacus to Edward 1 to John and now The Game of Thrones.
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