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Karna was killed by a ruse in the battle of Kurukshetra as related in the Mahabharta. The killing evokes strong emotions and one wonders what was the motive of Lord Krishna
Karna was one of th great warriors in the Mahabharta. He was however disowned by his mother and he grew up as a outcast. The princess Uruvi married him, this despite knowing that she would become a widow.
Vyas tells us that Draupadi was won by the Pandva prince Arjuna who bested all other suitors and claimed the hand of Draupadi. After that he took her in his chariot to their palace when it dawned on Arjuna that a knotty problem had arisen. It is known that the mother of Arjuna had got...
Achillis and karna were 2 invincible heroes but met their end on the battlefield
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