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The Indian Maharajahs got a fresh lease of life under the Raj and they enjoyed wine, women and cars to the hilt.
A tale about lions in india and a man who recues them
A tale of a farmer who pulled a spirits hair and was so bound to a curse
A tale of a mysterious man with skin like wood who asks a midwife to help his wife give birth in the middle of the night, but the children and the request are more then what they seem and the old midwife is in for a small adventure.
Ajria has given up a life of crime but takes a challange but is wronged so must think up a way to get what he deserves.
A tail of orphans who are abandoned and how one little girl finds love
These stories were told to me by my grandmother and as so have inspired me as a storyteller and now I hope they will inspire you.
The Rolls Royce has a long love affair with India and Indian Royality. It is still the most loved car in India.
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