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This article talks about a little known book written by Gandhi himself. It will speak volumes to anyone who will read it. Try to find a copy of it, and spend an hour or two, with this great man. You will not be sorry that you did so.
This is another tribute to the late Nelson Mandela and the profound human need for heroes.
It was not easy but they did it. Sacrificed their lives and fought with the rulers to give 30 crore countrymen a better future. Let's learn about them and let's learn from them.
He was neither a hero to me nor I had any grudges about him.
If Christian churches would give up all other preaching and teaching for one year and instead read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7) every Sunday without comment, and have their followers read it every day and spend just five minutes contemplating on it - it would...
Gandhi's Assassin was declared a lunatic and a religious fanatic. However, his life facts prove otherwise
A drawing teacher and instructor in Kerala, India started to make paintings by tongue instead of using brushes. He made several paints of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Jawarlal Nehru
Mr S Devarajan is a silent person. Though he looks very simple, he is a versatile artist who can draw portraits, amuse you with his mimicry, and write with both hands.
Taking Inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi I have tried to go more close to my Truth and I hope you will too.
Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian leader who was assassinated 64 years ago, created a world record in the Guinness Book. His death anniversary has made an indelible mark in the pages of history.
A simple choice between what is right and what is easy leads to a legacy
Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation (India) said some great things, that even today are etched in people's minds and hearts. Though most of things are practiced till date, there are somethings that he has said, which doesn't fit in, in 21st Century. A satire is what this write is.
We take a brief look at the life and times of perhaps the greatest political leader of the twentieth century, Mahatma Gandhi, and examine his horoscope as well
India is deeply submerged into corrupt practices to the extent that almost every individual is involved in it. To make a change, emotional handling of the masses has become inevitable for which Gandhian way of Satyagrah seems to be the solution.
John Winston Lennon, taken on this day thirty years ago.
Today is the 132nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian Nation. His connection with sports, especially with the game cricket, is quite interesting.
Twenty years after the horrible gas tragedy at the Union Carbide factory near Bhopal, India, it is reported that Mr Anderson,the honorable CEO of the said MNC was helped in leaving India silently.
Indian people hear about political reformation from their leaders frequently. They have reasons to be worried, because they have terrible experience of economic reformation that has started from 1990.
How a good leader qualifies best leadership qualities in this present society and what will he do for his country people.
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