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"Morning!" Marzeus greets Lassie. Lassie in her usual suppressed style that says "Just don't think I'm gonna give you unnecessarily too much respect, cuz I think I'm just as important as you!", says morning, but then the old woman as usual starts blabbing away her usual new chatstor...
The ghosts of Joseph and Mary will forever be bound to their mansion looks much like it did back when the they resided there during the 1870's. Today the mansion is a restaurant, but the ghost's refuse to leave, and instead mingle with the patrons.
A confused old lady was getting quite demanding as she obviously thought she was in a hospital.
Maid Cafés are a unique and very fun experience, highlighting the crazy fantasy world of anime and Otaku culture.
My ex-maid from Indonesia made a surprise visit to my house. She left us after her work contract ended in Singapore. We were touched to receive a birthday card for my daughter from the maid. She wrote touching message in the card.
'twas many years back, so her song, became a murmur to only prolong, ' A story about a well, and a maid that reflected her beauty in the water.
A Spartan soldiers, serves in the Army of his country. He is a mercenary; inviolable soldier, tending guard in his country's corners, on Earth's crepuscular void bleeding, twines engagement to twilight receding.
The Maid culture is a British legacy and it is now deeply rooted in India.
A man remembers his love of the past as he stares at the Ocean, and the sea gulls.
An allegorical house scene to help us appreciate the non locality of consciousness.
Just about an I, a He and a She...This is me trying to create some characters. Trying to describe them in brief.
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