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#ALDubEBTamangPanahon reached over 41 million tweets beating the record of the 2014 World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and Germany, which consists of 37.6 million tweets.
Time moves slowly in Maine. The raw beauty of mid-coast Maine is a reminder of it's rich and rustic history.
An eerie walking path leading deep into the forest has taken the place of where old railroad tracks would have once been a prominent fixture that once wound through the haunted forest. Visitors experience paranormal chaos that effuses out of the woods once the sun goes down.
March is finally here and with it our hopes look toward Spring. Yet here in Maine the extreme cold of this year's winter still has its mighty hold...
Maine neighbors helping neighbors after an ice storm brought the whole town to life during the Christmas season, 2013.
I can appreciate bats and their reason for existence here on this planet, but that doesn't keep me from throwing my arms up over my head when they fly around...
Visitors to Bar Harbor, Maine can pose by a lighthouse, walk across a bridge and watch the sun go down. This is the second in a two-part series.
I am heading to a Farmer's Market this lovely spring morning. Why not jump in my car and join me? Not to my destination, but just for the ride, it is a slice of Maine, country-side...
Sunday morning is more than just another winter day over the beautiful woodlands of Maine.
Come with me and take a hike down King Phillip's Trail on a crisp April sunshine day. The view is unforgettable and invigorating as the ocean air...
Maine's rugged edges are softened by spring's misty weather and the April mood of the ocean. Here is my Maine in all its pastel wonder...
Before the first buds of spring there is a tenderness that touches the soul. Early spring in Maine has a unique beauty, raw and somehow quite desperate...
It is the time of March thaw in Maine, though the ground is still barren, drab, and frozen. The sea and sky let us view wondrous color, and our hopes of spring.
On a windy, cold, Sunday, Mike and I go seven miles from our Maine home to the historic site of Fort Edgecomb. I wanted to learn a bit about photography, what a wonderful day and lesson!
The Blizzard of 2013 is one we will long remember in Maine. During the storm I took pictures and wrote a poem so that I might share the making of Maine's history with all my Wikinut friends.
The heat of July offers a perfect day to enjoy the beach.
Late October is the time for north winds and bare trees, but in this austere beauty I hear the voice of Maine's stanch history.
A white Christmas in New England is a wonderland to behold. My husband Mike has captured it beautifully in his photos with all the amazing contrasting azure perfection along the shores of Maine.
If you love lighthouses, as I do, Pemaquid Point lighthouse is not to be missed. Located on a rocky coast in Maine, it is a trip worth taking.
I love to travel to Maine - I love the coastal towns and the towns on the inlets and rivers. Camden is one of my favorites!
Maine and its history is a story of the sea and the many hardships of reaping it's bounty.
Anana has laboriously been keeping afloat since sunset, weakened, by the expended energy, of the long swim from Georgia to the cold krill rich waters on the fringes of the Gulf of Maine. She is the last 100 year old Northern Right Whale, with a body weight of 75 tons and an overall l...
Old Orchard Beach offers more than just a simple beach front
It is time once again for the 64th annual Lobster Festival in Scenic Rockland, Maine
Enjoy the magic of Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park at a romantic, in-town, waterfront bed and breakfast on the shores of Frenchman Bay. Open Year Round. Whether your Bar Harbor escape includes a little romance, peaceful relaxation, or an outdoor adventure in Acadia National...
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